The gorgeous second movement of Mendelssohn's trio in D minor, performed in recital here with Kristina Szutor, piano and Nathan Cook, cello in November 2013.  Kristina and Nathan are two of my favourite musical collaborators! 


Nikolai Kapustin's music is taking the world by storm!  Here I get to enjoy the jazzy finale of his trio for flute/cello/piano with Nathan Cook, cello, and Phil Roberts, piano.  Recorded live in September 2014. 


"The Sick Moon," from Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire, as reimagined by the Ora Ensemble in October 2013.  Text by Chris Tonelli. 


Mendelssohn's trio in D minor, first movement, here in an arrangement for flute, cello and piano that was apparently published contemporaneously with the original piano trio version. Nathan (Cook, cello) and Kristina (Szutor, piano), and I performing at Memorial University in November 2013. 

Excerpt from a performance of Vaughn Williams' beautiful The Lark Ascending, arranged for chamber ensemble (with the solo violin part slightly re-arranged by me to be playable on flute!).  Recorded at the Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival in July 2013.  What a treat to get to play this with such a great bunch of musicians!